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Robotic Programming at Seahouses

On Monday 11th June Year 5 students from Seahouses visited the DCHS to take part in a wide range of exciting and interactive science and robotic programming activities!

Working in partnership with high school pupils and staff the children first got to grips with a Harry Potter themed Chemistry session with Miss Hogg.  Self-inflating balloons, secret potions and exploding contraptions were all on the agenda. The children experienced learning in a state of the art laboratory and explored a wide range of resources and chemical materials. The best bit though, and a step apart from what they would usually be doing on a Monday morning – creating our very own growing, firing basilisk from a powdered basilisk skin (see video).

The next session focussed on coding, programming and robotics.  Mr Skinner of the high school was blown away by our children’s coding proficiency as they flew through all of his challenges and managed to code a range of robots to light up, move and collect items. We have some future robot wars finalists in our midst and Mr Skinner recognised that instantly! With many future jobs having not even been invented yet we remain committed to ensuring our pupils are at the forefront of modern learning and coding, programming, virtual reality and 3d printing is just some of the innovative curriculum areas we have on offer.

The children gained so much from the visit with 100% of them saying that they now felt less anxious about transitioning to the high school in the not so distant future. Most importantly, they also felt fully equipped to make the most of the wide range of learning opportunities on offer. We really are giving our children the best start at Seahouses Primary school. We could not be prouder of our students as they blaze a trail in all areas of the curriculum, out there in our wider community!