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English the Seahouses Way


To cultivate an enthusiasm for lifelong learning through a curriculum which reflects our rural and coastal context, adapting to the needs of our children- locally, nationally and globally.


Developing a positive reading and writing culture within our wider school community: 


At Seahouses Primary school we work in partnership with our local community and ensure we plan for the inclusion of a meaningful English curriculum routed in the belief that we can truly make a difference. 


  • We have worked in partnership with CoastCare Northumberland to protect our beautiful beaches and write about our endeavours. 
  • We work in partnership with the Woodland Trust  to protect our forests and woods and, you guessed it,  we read and write about it!
  • Teachers take every opportunity that arises to write letters, emails and text messages to business leaders in our community . We have recently worked to educate them as to the harmful nature of plastics.
  • Children at our school work alongside national and local top authors such as Dan Smith, illustrators such as Daniel Weatheritt and Liz Millions and local heroes like Daniel Smith to learn more about the importance of literacy skills.
  • We work closely in partnership with the hub cinema to experience classic texts brought to life on the big screen. 
  • Our children love performing awesome poems, each year, to parents and members of the community to share our passion for words and the poetic form.
  • At Seahouses primary school the children work to compose many of  our own press releases to tell the world about all of the fantastic things we do here.
  • W invite local story tellers into school and volunteers to read with the children. Some have included NUFC staff, air ambulance and RNLI volunteers.
  • Each year during the summer term - every child from year 2-6 is offered the opportunity to surf! We link this to our shared texts and writing.