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14.09.22- Beach Clean

As it is The Great British Beach Clean this weekend, we decided to do our bit to help clean up our local beach. It was sad to see so much litter on our beach but we felt good that we were able to contribute to cleaning it up. 


Some of the things we found included, plastic bottles, fishing lines, ropes, food packaging and cans. 


We learnt about the dangers of litter for marine life and birds. We know the terrible consequences of litter in our seas and on our beaches. 


We were also shocked to learn how long some of these items take to break down: 

- paper takes months to years

- carboard takes 2-5 years 

- a balloon takes 4 years 

- a crisp packet takes 75 years

- a plastic carrier bag takes 250 years

- a drinks can takes 450 years

- a plastic drinks bottle takes 800 years


I'm sure you'll agree with us that these are devastating facts and we will continue to do our best to help protect the birds and animals on our coastline. 


If you would like to get involved with The Great British Beach Clean click the link to find out more.