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15.09.22- Suez Recycling Workshop

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in a workshop delivered by Hannah and Corrina from Suez. 


We learnt about the importance of recycling, how to recycle and what happens to our recycling.


The children were able to sort different items of rubbish into 'general waste' and 'recycling'. The children discovered that metal can be recycled and be used to make bicycles and that plastic bottles can be used to make clothing. 



We also learnt about composting. We currently put all our snack waste into our compost bin but we found out that we can be adding so much more to our compost bin! Suez have kindly bought the school a huge compost bin so that we can start composting across school. 


The children then had a go at making their own mini compost bins in small groups so they could gain a better understanding of the composting process. 


Suez kindly gifted the children a water bottle that has been made from recycled plastic, so that the children can reuse these to help with reducing waste. They also gave the children a pencil each which has also been made out of recycled products. The teachers were lucky enough to receive some goodies too!

The children gained so much knowledge from the workshop and they feel empowered to help make a difference to our planet. EYFS and KS1 can't wait to spread the message throughout school!