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Sustainable Futures Project

We are trying to do our bit to help with the climate emergency that has been announced by many countries, including the UK. 


We are trying to reduce our environmental impact and support Northumberland County Council's Carbon Zero goal of net zero by 2030. 


We want to make a difference to our practice, provision, personal lives and the lives of the children and families we care for. 

Our first target for our Sustainable Futures project is to compost our waste from snack time. The children are working together to make sure we put our food waste from snack time  into our class compost bin and then out to the one in the garden. 

We had to dig up the earth so the worms could wiggle their way into our compost bin. 

The children have taken on the responsibility of taking out our food waste each day.
We aim to filter this out to the rest of the school and start composting the food waste from lunch time. 


Our second area we have chosen to focus on is switching lights off around school when they are not in use. 

Turning off the lights when you leave your room can help save energy. It can also help reduce carbon emission and other harmful greenhouse gases. Hence, turning off your lights is a simple way to help protect the environment and save the planet.


Turning off your lights will also help reduce the use of non-renewable resources that are harmful to the environment. You can turn off the lights during the day especially if you don’t need them. You can also turn off your appliances to help reduce your carbon footprint and help save the planet.