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11.10.22 Gav the storyteller

Gav explained that stories surround us! 

Everything and everyone has a story. He told us that even the simplest of things have a story and he used a stone as an example. Even a stone has a story!

He told us that we can all be storytellers, we all have our own stories and the ability to make our own stories. 


Gav went on to tell us the story of How The Zebra Got It's Stripes. 

Some of the children were chosen to help retell the story. 

The story was set in South Africa at a watering hole. It was about a baboon who claimed to be the Lord of the water. Lots of animals tried to drink from the watering hole but the baboon kept fighting them so they went away. 

Until on day, a zebra, who was really confident, came along. 

The baboon tried to fight the zebra but the zebra fought back. He kicked the baboon's bottom and that's  how he ended up with a red bottom! 

The zebra lost his balance and rolled into the fire. The flames scorched his white fur which is how he ended up with black stripes. 

We learnt the importance of sharing and not being selfish from this story. 


Gav was an amazing storyteller. He had us all laughing (even the adults had tears in their eyes from laughing so much!) and filled us with enthusiasm for storytelling, story writing and listening to stories!