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01.04.22 Fresh Air Friday Farm Visit

This week for Fresh Air Friday we visited Humblehugh Farm. We went to see the offspring of the sheep and cows. We were so lucky to get a break in the unpredictable weather to meet the most adorable lambs and the sweetest calves. Farmer Dallas talked us through what was happening with the sheep and lambs. We learnt that a female sheep is called a ewe. Some of the ewes were having as many as three lambs! It was very busy in the barn, lots of lambs being born and lots of ewes due to have their lambs imminently. Farmer Dallas has been very busy over the past couple of weeks with lots of lambs and calves being born. It was so wonderful for the children to get a first hand experience of different types of offspring. This last week they have observed ducklings, lambs and calves! What lucky children! 

On our way back to school we stopped off to admire the view of Alnwick Castle.