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Celebrating Success

At Seahouses we understand the importance of recognising and celebrating success in and outside of school. In school we celebrate students citizenship and creativity as well as students academics and attendance. We celebrate these achievements in a multitude of ways from reward afternoons, reward assemblies where children demonstrate or talk about their achievements. Currently we have a system where children are recognised for our 'ASPIRE' ethos, 'Seahouses Star' we focus on one aspect fortnightly and children are nominated by their class teacher. The children are given the opportunity to choose their reward, at the moment children have chosen to have a special lunch with Mrs Allen our headteacher and an extended lunch break. In the past children have shared a special break time where they have had time out of the day to spend with other peers enjoying hot chocolate or juice. We also have a 'Regular Reader' Award', 'Attendance Award', 'Headteacher Award' and 'Smiley Achievement Award'.