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19.01.24 Suez Workshop


On Friday we took part in 2 workshops with Corinna and Hannah from Suez. In our first workshop, we considered why reducing, reusing and recycling materials is good for the environment. Then we moved on to developing a better understanding of how the different properties of materials and science help when sorting materials at a recycling facility. 

Our second workshop was all about anaerobic digestion. Food waste is collected from homes and businesses and taken to an anaerobic digestion facility where it is converted into gas, electricity and fertilizer. Anaerobic digestion is an alternative way of composting food waste, while also producing renewable energy and avoiding carbon emissions. 

We  gained lots of new knowledge as well as making links with our previous learning in science. We even got some fabulous freebies! Thank you Corinna, Hannah and Suez for a  great afternoon and our new notebooks and pencils.