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Laing art gallery Lindisfarne Gospels workshop Autumn 2022

 Lindisfarne gospel Laing art gallery visit

The creative learning team from the Laing art gallery, in Newcastle, visited school as part of their exciting learning programme supporting Lindisfarne Gospels (on loan from the British Library) visit to the Northeast.  With our school being so close to Lindisfarne we, of course, jumped at the opportunity to partake in the celebrations.

The children were invited to take part in a range of interactive workshops focussing on the wonderful history of the gospels and the ground breaking artistic techniques used by the monks on Holy Island over 1300 years ago.

We held and explored some of the early materials used to create pigments and colour in 700AD. They couldn’t believe that natural resources such as oyster shells, locally occurring rocks and even oak nuts were used to create the vivid colours of the gospels. Then we were all invited to create our own beautifully intricate lettering in the style of Eadfrith the monk!

Lindisfarne Gospels workshop