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Music the Seahouses Way


To cultivate an enthusiasm for lifelong learning through a curriculum which reflects our rural and coastal context, adapting to the needs of our children- locally, nationally and globally.


At Seahouses Primary school we make music an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience for all. We firmly believe that through music and a thriving musical culture in school, we can develop a sense of group identity and togetherness when composing, rehearsing and performing with others.  Singing is an integral part of school life at Seahouses Primary school and is used as a cross-curricular tool to learn and share new knowledge, to promote well-being and to celebrate and cement our cohesion as a school community.


Our aim is to give children access to a music curriculum reflecting the world they live in now, but at the same time giving them access to musical styles throughout history.


Children are encouraged and taught to actively listen and appraise a variety of musical styles alongside performing pieces and creating their own compositions through the use of instruments and technology. All children access a variety of musical games and songs instruments, music workshops, and extra - curricular activities giving them practical hands on experience.


Our large scale musical school performances are ambitious and aspirational. We are very proud of our children’s musical creativity.


Independent Music specialists are sourced and recruited to work across the school from EYFS to upper Key Stage 2 to ensure all children benefit from professional coaching during their time with us.


As often as possible, children experience live music and in order to enable this, the school fosters partnerships with professional musicians and musical organisations locally, nationally and globally.


We are a Music Mark school and are committed to providing a high-quality music education for all children and young people.

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