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Bamburgh Castle Visit Spring 2022

How lucky we are to have such breath taking historical monuments on our very doorstep - It certainly brings history to life!

As part of our local History curriculum we have been immersing ourselves in the living legacy of Bamburgh castle. 

We learnt of the many changes that have occurred on the site of the present day castle from Ida the flame bearer in AD547 in all the way to the present day 'keeper of the castle' Francis Armstrong.

We have ALL unanimously decided that we ASPIRE to be more like Dr John Sharp who set up many charities to support the people of Bamburgh and even created the very first lifeboat station. We carefully considered ways that we can help preserve the history of our local castle. 

As a class and as a school we feel very proud to of our Northumbrian roots. We have the most castles in our county and Bamburgh castle is the oldest. We hope the history of this marvellous castle inspires local children for many thousands of years to come.