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NSPCC Number Day - 2021

Last week we celebrated the NSPCC’s number day. We talked about the NSPCC and their role and how they rely heavily on people raising money. We also looked at what they use their money on and how they support children and young people in difficult/ challenging situations.


We took part in a range of number based activities this week to help our celebrations. We started by recognising that numbers can be fun with some maths games, We had an Icebox challenge: 10 mathematical problems were hidden around school. Each problem had an answer which helped open the 10 digit padlock. If successful the children opened the ice box and won an ice lolly! (They all did!) We had a Maths trail: the children had to solve given clues which lead to mathematical problems all around school. We Baked: children made number cookies following a given recipe. Finally to finish off our number day we held a ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ competition. We talked about what an estimate is and how we can make a sensible guess using our mathematical knowledge of numbers and their value. Well done to our winners!