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First Week Back!

What an amazing time we had last week. Everyone was so excited to be back in school making connections again with their friends. We had lots of different activities going on in school from the special Mother’s Day surprise from Key Stage 1 and the Garden project in Key Stage 2.


Reception, Year 1 and 2 spent the early part of last week taking part in a taste test to identify their favourite chocolate. After this tricky task they began to design what they believed would be the best chocolate for their mums for Mother’s Day. We had great fun melting the chocolate and carefully pouring it into our moulds. We hope everyone had a lovely weekend sharing this special day.


Key Stage 2 have been busy as part of their ‘Animals and their Habitats’ topic, they explored the school garden, built bird houses and helped do some vital upgrades to some of the habitats that have already been designed and created in the garden.


Throughout school we have taken on a project based on the film ‘Inside Out’, this project will underpin learning for the next couple of weeks. It was incredible to hear the start of some of the discussions about feelings and emotions. We believe this topic is incredibly important especially at this time.


Last of all we were so proud to be featured front page of the Northumberland Gazette, I think the smiles on all of the children’s faces from the pictures printed show how happy and lucky everyone felt to be back safely in school. Well done everyone for your continued resilience and perseverance.