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Early Years Rosie's Farm Visit

Early Years spent the day visiting Newham Farm. The children enjoyed exploring the farm environment and they spent time gathering information about animals and their families to enhance and develop our knowledge and understanding of the world area back in class. We recorded information using I Pads and on paper.

The children enjoyed a break where they raced on the open fields followed by a well deserved lunch and snack in the farm house.

“We learned about animals becoming mums. I noticed the lambs wouldn’t come for a stroke if they were with their mums. I think the mare wanted to keep them safe and make sure they were not going to get hurt."


“We don’t feed the lams straw as they may get sick!”


“Cows are also called cattle!”


“A cow can have one baby per year. There were three cows, so that will be three babies!”


“We fed the cows hay, straw and muesli with minerals.”