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Class 3's exciting visit to Kelso Races

We met Grand National winning jockey Ryan Mania when we were again invited to Kelso races for a day of  fun practical maths activities on 8th May.
We have been invited to Kelso for many years now and the day is always very exciting as it  involves the children covering a wide range of maths activities.
Children measure the heights  and widths of the different types of  fences, work out the perimeter of the parade ring and also how many horses can walk around the ring.  The children have opportunities to weigh themselves in the weigh room as the jockeys do.  They also have an opportunity to see what jockeys wear and to try on the colourful symmetrical silk tunics worn by the jockeys. A favourite activity of the children is the very much looked forward to activity of them running the last furlong of the race course.  The children watch horses as they arrive at Kelso and see a horse's passport.  Later they look at the brushed patterns on the horses' backs as they walk around the parade ground. Finally they are able to see a few of the races.  On this visit we were fortunate to meet Ryan Mania who was this year's winning jockey at the Grand National.  Ryan spent time talking informally to the children and telling them about his job.