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A Roman Centurion and Spartan Warrior Takeover!

Today we were welcomed into school by Maximus a Roman Centurion and Spartan Warrior. Maximus taught us about the Romans and the Greeks and trained us to battle like the Romans and the Greeks would have done many years ago! It was great fun and a fantastic start to the key stage 2 summer topics. 


"I really enjoyed today because Maximus came in and told us about the Romans lives and punishments." (Dean - Year 4)


"I really liked the part when we got to do the training and learn the commands. I loved when we did the tortoise, we had 3 people in the front and everyone else behind with the shields above their heads. Everyone then had to move forward and try and stop the teachers hitting us with balls - I got hit in the eye!  (Daniel - Year 4)


" I enjoyed playing the Roman game with the beanbags, I loved when you hit the X and got 10 points that the rest of the team had to shout JUPITER!" (Ben - Year 3) 


" I enjoyed the part where we got to hold the swords because I have never held a real sword before. I also enjoyed being outside and showing our parents and class 2 the parade!"  (Cara - Year 4)  


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