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A Day in the Lives of Year 3/4 by Ruby, Ava and Sadie.

A Day in the Life of Three  Children in Seahouses Primary School

By Ruby, Ava and Sadie (Year 3 and 4)

This morning we came into class all eager and excited to learn. When we first got into class we had to get our morning starter books out and we had to make up questions to ask Alan, the local electrician (Emily’s dad!) who was coming into tell us all about electricity. Ruby’s dad was too scared to come in and face us all.

When Alan arrived he brought us all electrical things to pass around the table, things like plugs, sockets, wires and lots more. We asked Alan our questions and he was able to answer them all and give us lots of information. Alan told us that we need to be careful when changing light bulbs. We need to make sure that the light switch is off. Emily told us that it is important because one day her dad was fixing the light in her house and her mam turned on the light and he got an electric shock!

After this we went outside for our break time before our next lesson began. Wednesdays are a little bit different to the rest of the week because Ron comes in to teach us how to play the trumpets. We all love playing the trumpets so much because we love playing instruments and it helps us become musicians. We split into groups when we play the trumpets and half of us go and do handwriting practice with Miss Angus. We enjoy handwriting because it makes the presentation of our work neater so that we can achieve our pen licences.

Just before lunch we had a quick RE session where we learnt about the Easter story.

Lunch time is good because we get to eat food… Ruby thinks it is the best because we get the best puddings. Ava thinks it’s the best because we enjoy playing with all the equipment on the school field.

After lunch we had a busy afternoon. We joined Miss Cole’s year 5 class to learn about capacity. We had to make rocket fuel by following the measurements we were given.


Red Rocket Fuel Sauce 0.05ltrs

Blue Proton Powder Fuel 275mls

Sparkle Shine Dust 1.8ltrs

Mystery Liquid 10ml + 0.5ml +85ml


Ruby and Ava called there mystery liquid ‘Pink Fluffy Unicorns’ we had a great time and we all had a laugh when we came into the hall and saw all the fuel.


Take a look at some pictures of our Rocket Fuel.

This is learning and we love it!