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Picture 1 We designed the back of the ambulance
Picture 2 Our ambulance 'The Puffin Express'
Picture 3 We visited Detchant Woods
Picture 4 We learned about the creatures in Detchant wood
Picture 5 We made a chinese dragon for their new year
Picture 6 We made bunting for the Jubilee and Festival
Picture 7 Spotting the geese at Fenham Le Moor
Picture 8 Making Halloween lanterns at the Bamburgh Castle
Picture 9 Basket Weaving at Glendale Show
Picture 10 Learning about Hawks at Glendale Show
Picture 11 Everyone loved the Shire Horses
Picture 12 The shepherds singing in 'Born in a Barn'
Picture 13 Making snow men on the school field
Picture 14 We do Yoga with Mrs MacAllister
Picture 15 We had Zoo Lab bring us lots of exotic animals
Picture 16 Planting bulbs on Rotary Way with the Rotarians
Picture 17 Our Christmas Bingo Night
Picture 18 Santa came to visit us at our party
Picture 19 Christmas Dinner
Picture 20 Mr Burnie of Daft as a Brush came to talk to us